The Vision we Needed, The Leadership we Deserved – Promises Made, Promises Kept!


Thank you Springwater for the last 4 years and I appreciate the privilege of being Your Mayor

Thank you for your overwhelming support by electing me as your mayor in 2014. Working with everyone in this township including residents, citizen groups, staff and Council members,  we together created a sustainable vision for the wonderful township of Springwater over the last 4 years with a clear Vision and Direction into the future. The next Council has a solid foundation to work from. Yes, I am disappointed that with the noise of the election campaign that a few lost confidence in me and chose Don to lead Council going forward. I can only offer my best wishes to the winning candidates as Springwater is my focus not my political success.

I believe in this past term we developed a resilient and sustainable community while at the same time respecting our heritage and protecting our agriculture and natural environment. If we can continue to balance everything properly, we will become those ancestors that our descendants will be quite proud of.

I offer and ask for God’s blessings on the new Council and that we be inspired to all make Springwater a better place to live, work and play.


Bill French

Mayor 2014-2018

P.S. I am leaving the donations link active as any contribution to my campaign would be appreciated until Dec 31, 2018. Thank You in advance for your generous support.




  • Tighter Fiscal management resulting in lower tax increases but able to improve and increase services
  • Transparent council with more open question period, live streaming and numerous Town Hall Meetings bringing what you want to Council
  • Midhurst Secondary Plan is under control with more oversight and the Township now well in control of future development. It now needs managed if and when it proceeds ensuring the Township receives special benefits as the character of our communities changes



  • Met regularly with different groups of farmers to discuss issues that effect them
  • Two agricultural business breakfast to provide support, information and receive feedback on how the Township can help them grow and diversify
  • Meet regularly with higher level of governments to lobby and ensure that provincial policies such as proposed Greenbelt expansion, Natural Heritage and Agricultural Mapping do not negatively impact ongoing farm operations. Need to focus on a common policy regime that protects long term farming in Springwater
  • I am the County of Simcoe Agricultural liaison on the Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture and I have lobbied for more farming input and have tabled resolutions to lower farm tax ratios because of the escalating farmland assessments. Also lobbied for exempting farm crop input haulage in the half load season and the use of farm related industrial equipment such as telehandlers on local highways in the region.
  • I am an NVCA Board member and lobbied to retain the Agricultural Advisory Committee when most subcommittees were eliminated in the restructuring early in this term. I sit on the Advisory and some of the red tape has been eliminated along with streamlined fees for agricultural related permits and approvals. There is much more to be done but we are getting there.



  • I have continued to dialogue and establish long term relationships with universities or colleges that specialize in environmental and agricultural impact studies.
  • I have had numerous interaction and correspondence with various Ministers at the Provincial Government to have them better understand the unique character of Springwater and why it needs special consideration as we move forward.
  • With the sensitive nature of Springwater’s landscape we must be ever vigilant of the harm we might do if we do not carefully manage this aspect of our heritage.

Talk is Good, But Action Speaks.